WI-FI Security Results 2011


A survey of the state of WI-FI security in Jersey was undertaken by Paul Dutot between 12th to the 15th December 2011.

The main points regarding how the survey was conducted are as follows :-

  • The data obtained is being held in accordance with the Jersey Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005, the information was gathered to provide a lecture for the British Computer Society in Jersey.
  • A passive method of surveying was used to obtain the raw data so that no access points /routers were connected to, this method involves only the surveying of WI-FI signals.
  • The survey consists of 13,166 access points / routers and is considered to be a representative sample from which we can draw conclusions


Breakdown – Encryption Type



This bar chart shows the breakdown of the types of encryption used in Jersey. It can be seen that 13.9% of the routers surveyed had no encryption, 19.3 % of routers had weak WEP encryption. In addition, 8630 or 65.54 % of routers had good encryption on their WI-FI i.e. a WPA /WPA 2 variant. It therefore follows that 33.2 % of all routers are insecure!

It can also be seen that most secure routers offered multiple type of secure encryption such as WPA+TPIK or WPA+PSK with 3301 offering all three types of secure encryption. The survey shows that 87 routers ( just 0.66%) used the very strong WPA2+ AES-CCM encryption.

Breakdown – WI-FI Radio Channels



This chart shows the distribution of WI-FI radio channels within the survey. Channels 1,6 and 11 account for 79% of all channels, this is most likely due to the fact that these are the default channels assigned by router manufacturers.

This also tells us that most routers will not cause interference with each other, because channels 1 ,6 and 11 have the necessary spacing between them. Conversely, we can then say that 21% of all routers found in the survey will have problems with interference as they are on channels that do not have the necessary spacing.


Breakdown – Manufacturer



This pie chart shows the top ten manufacturer’s of WI-FI routers found in the survey.

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