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Welcome to Cyberkryption’s latest blog post, today we shall look at some of the security stories.

‘Pay Day loans firms to be shut down’

Sky News reports that a number of pay day loan firms having been found to be hacking websites to artificially boost traffic to their sites and increase their Google ranking. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has imposed a fine of £544,000 penalty on MCO Capital which had traded under the names of Helploan and Balanceloan at the time of the fraud. The original story is here with the OFT update here .

‘Nearly 70% of all malware is creating from Russia’

In a recent study released by Solutionary SERT Q4 quarterly threat report, it is claimed that 70% of the malware that they see has originated from Russia. The most prevalent exploit kit for sale still remains the ‘Black hole’ exploit kit.

Additionally, they also found that 58% of the vulnerabilities targeted by well-known exploit kits reviewed are more than two years old based on visibility into publicly available exploit kits and qualitative analysis. The report is available here

‘Hackers attack US Government Site’

Hackers claiming to be from the activist group Anonymous have hacked a US government website in response to the death of Aaron Schwarz.

The attack has been labelled ‘Operation: Last Resort’ by Anonymous which resulted in a video statement being incorporated into the US government web site. In the statement, the group said “The federal sentencing guidelines… enable prosecutors to cheat citizens of their constitutionally-guaranteed right to a fair trial, by a jury of their peers [and] are a clear violation of the 8th amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishments”

The story is available here


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