Recently, whilst waiting for my rfidler to turn up, I found the Bishop’s Fox site with the RFID Tastic on here. As I don’t have the cash to spring for the HID MaxiProx 5375AGN00 reader required for building it, I decided to see if I could built it with a normal HID R10 mullion reader as a proof of concept. However, I needed to 12v to power the reader so I changed the R1 and R2 resistors to 390 Ohm and 3300 ohm respectively. The R10 mullion reader supports the Wiegland protocol out of the box, so no changes we need to accommodate it. Below is a screenshot of it working on the bench reading a crd and storing the card data on the SD card.


After that it was installed in a protective case as shown in preparation for the Jersey Tech Fair.  The unit was demoed reading Mifare access cards , jersey bus pre- ayment cards as well as NFC enabled bank cards in order to raise awareness.


As you can get programmable UID0 cards on Ebay for a little as $2, it is easy to imagine the type of access that could be obtained when coupled to the high powered HID Maxprox 5375AGN00 reader which would enable reading of cards at distance. For example, a buildings access control cards could be read by just walking past employees as they enter, this data can then be reprogrammed on a UID0 card which would potentially allow unauthorised personnel access to buildings.