Jersey Hackathon Entry – A Ossec Hids and Simple Phishing console

I have been participating in the jersey hackathon held at the Digital Jersey hub in Jersey. My entry is a secure responsive console for ossec hids with simple phishing toolkit based on the poplular Bootstrap framework

Here the pitch

The cybersecurity malware industry costs the UK alone 27 billion pounds.Increasingly, we see that anti virus fails to protect our systems.

Recently, in the Channel Islansds, the Dridex banking trojan has been circulating which has been passing under the radar of anti virus solutions. This is where host intrusion detection comes into play as a second layer of defense for fintech systems. The ossec system is capable of performing not only intrusion detection but also file integrity monitoring enabling businesses to satisfy regulatory reguirements such as PCI-DSS.The system supports all major operating systems as well firewall / security applinaces from all major vendors. It is also possible to create alerts should a system try to contact a malware domain.

Whilst, technical solutions are great, they ignore the human factors. This is addressed with the solution by using a spear phishing toolkit. This enables fintech companies to train their users to prevent virus / malware infection at source.

The inclusion of these technologies in a single responsive console provides a complete solution for all device types for the fintech industry.

Furthermore, it would be possibly to deploy the console in a cloud environment as all communications are secured.

So thats the pitch, heres the screenshots

Console for users with policy information


Ossec Hids and Simple Phishing console for admin users

security2 security3

Wish me luck


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